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CHEILITIS is also called as chapped lips. It is called as the inflammation of lips which may include perioral skin also along with lips. While Angular cheilitis is a condition that causes red, swollen patches in the corners of your mouth where your lips meet and make an angle. It may represent itself by sore lips with itching, bleeding, blisters and cracks on lips. Lips may be painful, red and swollen. It is caused due to dryness of lips.

HOMEOPATHIC TREATMENT FOR CHEILITIS : Homeopathic medicines can help in providing cure to the patients suffering from frequent cheilitis. It helps in boosting the immune system and eliminate the tendency of cracked and bleeding lips. Homeopathic medicines like condurango, petroleum, natrum mur, graphites, nitric acid, sulphuric acid works well if symptoms agree.

Condurango works well in angular cheilitis. There is cracked corners of lips with bleeding.

Petroleum is indicated when lips are dry , chapped and cracked. There is bleeding from cracked lips. There may be itching, redness nad swelling of lips. Symptoms are worse in winters and in cold weather.

Natrum mur works well in thin and emaciated people who eats well and lose flesh. There is dryness and cracked lips with desire to eat salty food. Symptoms aggravate in sunlight.

Graphites is best suited to obese people with tendency to cracked lips with discharge of watery, sticky fluid from it.

Nitric acid works well when patient has tendency towards cracks anywhere in the body. There is cracked lips with fissures. There is bleeding from cracks.

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