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Leucorrhoea and its homeopathic treatment

What is leucorrhoea? It is thick whitish or yellowish discharge of mucus from the vagina mostly experienced by women of all age groups, at some time or the other. It is also commonly called as vaginal discharge or white discharge. Although vaginal discharge is important for maintaining good genital health as it helps in expelling bacteria and other organisms from the body, changes in the discharge require medical attention in order to prevent infections. Normal vaginal secretions are clear and odorless whereas leucorrhea is often thick and accompanied by foul odor.

Leucorrhoea is of two types: physiological and pathological.

Physiological leucorrhoea can occur due to excitement, nervousness. It can occur in newborn females due to maternal estrogen, it occurs during puberty, during menopause, it normally occurs during sexual excitement, it occurs during ovulation cycle and during early pregnancy. While, pathological leucorrhoea occurs due to improper nutrition, bad health, sexually transmitted diseases, and pelvic or genital infections etc.

Leucorrhoea may be frothy, watery or thick . it may be whitish or yellowish or greenish in colour. It may cause itching. It may be accompanied with pain in back and thighs. It may cause lethargy and weakness.

Homeopathic treatment:  homeopathic medicines like graphites, borax, natrum mur, sepia, pulsatilla, arsenic album, secale cor, calcarea carb, alumina etc helped me a lot in treating females suffering from leucorrhoea when prescribed on the totality of symptoms.

Graphites is one of the top rank remedies for leucorrhoea in females of menopausal age. Leucorrhoea is thin and profuse and sticky. While arsenic alb is indicated when leucorrhoea causes restlessness and burning and itching in vagina and inguinal region. While pulsatilla is indicated for leucorrhoea in teenage girls. Borax is indicated when vaginal discharge is copious and albuminous. While alumina works well when leucorrhoea is transparent or yellow, and it is very profuse and ropy and it causes great exhaustion.

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