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Anaemia is a condition when there is decrease number of RBCs or Hemoglobin in blood resulting in reduced oxygen flow to body organs. For men, anemia is typically defined as hemoglobin level of less than 13.5 gram/100 ml and in women as hemoglobin of less than 12.0 gram/100 ml.

CAUSES OF ANEMIA: 1. Blood loss: blood loss can occur due to hemorrhage that can occur anywhere in the body which may be due to ulcers, hemorrhoids, cancer or gastritis. Or it may also occur due to use of NSAIDS (non steroidal anti inflammatory drugs).

Most of the females are anemic due to blood loss during menstrual periods.

  1. Anemia caused due to decreased or faulty RBC production: bone marrow helps in the production of RBCs. Bone marrow can be affected by a number of diseases, like leukemia, where abnormal white blood cells disrupts normal production of red blood cells.
  2. Anemia cause due to destruction of RBCs: the most common anemia caused due to destruction of RBCs is HEMOLYTIC ANEMIA. Excessive hemolysis ( breakdown of RBCs) occur due to certain drugs, hypertension, clotting disorders, snake venoms, enlargement of spleen, clotting disorders etc.


SYMPTOMS: Pale skin, irregular heart beat, chest pain, headaches, easy fatigue, weakness, BLNS


  • Aplastic anemia– fever, frequent infections, and skin rashes
  • Folic acid deficiency anemia– irritability, diarrhea, and a smooth tongue
  • Hemolytic anemia– jaundice, dark colored urine, fever and abdominal pains
  • Sickle cell anemia– painful swelling of the feet and hands, fatigue and


DIET FOR ANEMIA: diet plays an important role in anemia. Deficiency of iron in diet is one of the main reasons of anemia. So a diet rich in iron is essential. Iron rich food sources are spinach, jiggery, tofu , peas, green vegetables, dried fruits like prunes, raisins, apricots etc.



Ferrum metallicum is the top grade remedy for treating anemia. It is especially indicated to those whose face got flushed or gets red on least excitement. It is indicated to weak anemic girls who have heavy menstrual bleeding.

China is one of the best remedy for anemia due to blood loss. Patient feels weak and cold. There is sudden loss of blood due to injury. Face looks pale with sunken eyes.

Aletris farinosa is best selected for anemic females especially those who lose huge amount of blood during periods. There is profuse menses, also there is bleeding per vagina in between two periods. It is also indicated for anemia during pregnancy. Patient may experience tiredness, weakness and easy fatigue. Patient may faint, also there is vertigo. Also ferrum phos can be given for anemia during pregnancy to pale, weak women whose pulse is rapid and fast.

Natrum mur is best suited to weak, emaciated, anemic patients. There is excessive craving for salt. Patient may experience headache, and complaints may aggravate from the heat of sun. it also works well when anemia occurs in chronic cases of malaria due to bad effects of quinine. Helonias is best suited to those patients who suffer from anemia and chlorosis which may occur due to prolonged hemorrhage by indolence or luxury or due to hard work.

Calcarea phos helps in treating anemia especially in those patients who have weak bones causing weakness and debility due to loss of iron from the body. While Calcarea flour works well in iron deficiency anemia by promoting the absorption of iron in the blood.

Kali phos is also best selected remedy for anemic symptoms , as it strengthens the nerves and relieve headache and vertigo.

Arsenic album is one of the top grade remedy for pernicious anemia. There is extreme debility and restlesness due to overtaxing and muscular tissues by over and prolonged exertion.

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