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If you hear noises in the head or ears, than you might be suffering from tinnitus. It is often referred to as ringing in the ears. Although several sounds like buzzing, grinding, hissing, whistling, humming can be heard. In its mildest form, tinnitus is extremely common and many people experience occasional sounds in their ears, for example after being in a noisy place such as a concert or loud pub.

It can develop gradually over time or occur suddenly. It’s not clear exactly why it happens, but it often occurs along with some degree of hearing loss. It causes a change to the transmission of the signal going from the cochlea (the inner ear) to the part of the brain where sound is processed, known as the auditory cortex. This means that some of the neurons in the auditory cortex do not receive signals as they used to. In some people, these neurons react by developing spontaneous ‘chatter’, which becomes synchronised to create the illusion of sound called neural synchronisation. Over time, this firing pattern is strengthened and the tinnitus can become a constant sound.

Tinnitus is often associated with age-related hearing loss or inner ear damage caused by repeated exposure to loud noises or an earwax build-up or middle ear infection or meniere’s disease (a condition that also causes hearing loss and vertigo) or otosclerosis (an inherited condition where an abnormal bone growth in the middle ear causes hearing loss)


Homeopathy shows wonderful results in case of tinnitus. However, it is not any serious disease but persistent sounds or noises in ear can affect quality of life of an individual and can interfere with the daily routine and a sound sleep. Homeopathic medicines if prescribed on the totality of symptoms and on the basis of similarity of symptoms can help in treating an individual suffering from tinnitus.

CHININUM SULPH: is one the best homeopathic remedy that helped me a lot in providing recovery to those who suffer from tinnitus. There is roaring, ringing and violent sounds heard in the ear without external stimulus. There may also be deafness along with. Patient may be hard of hearing. It also wors well in meniere’s disease where there is tinnitus, vertigo and hearing loss.

Chininum Sulph and Salicylic Acid works well for tinnitus from Meniere’s disease. Chininum  sulph is indicated when patients complain of roaring, violent and ringing sounds; Violent headaches may attend these symptoms. Salicylic acid works well when patient hears the buzzing of flies in the ears along with deafness and vertigo.

PSORINUM AND SILICEA works well when there is ear infection causing tinnitus. Psorinum works well when there is putrid offensive otorrhoea with  humming, buzzing, singing or cracking sounds in the ear. While silicea works well when there is offensive foetid pus and blood discharge from ear along with hissing, roaring and ringing noises.

Calcarea Fluor is indicated when complaints arising from bony outgrowths. There are noises of varying character, the major ones are ringing and roaring noises. It works well when there is calcareous deposits on the ear drum impede hearing and result in tinnitus.

Viscum Album works best in cases where whistling and buzzing sounds are heard along with otosclerosis. Other homeopathic remedies like graphites, china, cimicifuga, kali mur, and pulsatilla also works well if indicated.

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