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Recurrent sore throat , enlarged tonsils and recurrent infection of tonsils leads to health risks for many kids. Tonsillitis may affect the respiratory tract and may lead to frequent cold and cough. It also affect the physical growth of a child. Homoeopathic medicines provide a great relief to those who suffer from recurrent and enlarged tonsils infection. Homoeopathic philosophy never believed in removing the enlarged tonsils as it is the end product of disease process. Tonsils are the integral part of immune system and it should not be removed through surgeon’s knife and yes it’s possible to avoid surgery with the help of homoeopathic treatment.

Tonsils are collections of lymphoid tissue located on both sides of throat. The set of lymphatic tissue known as waldeyer’s ring includes the adenoid tonsils, two tubal tonsils , two palatine tonsils, and the lingual tonsil .Tonsils are the immunocompetent tissues. These are the immune system’s first line of defense against ingested or inhaled foreign pathogens(Recent studies have shown that the tonsils produce T lymphocytes, also known as T-cells, in a manner similar to, but different from, the way the thymus does). They act like soldier’s when any bacteria or foreign material enter the mouth and fight with bacteria nd germs present in food to prevent infection. Kids between the age of 3- 14 are more prone to enlarged and recurrent tonsil infection. Tonsils can enlarge frequently and tends to subside of its own without causing any symptoms; but in certain patients they remain enlarged particularly in those kids who suffer from chronic and recurrent throat infections. Symptoms of chronic tonsillitis may vary depending upon the size (enlarged tonsils) of infected tonsils. Sore throat, red swollen tonsils, pain when swallowing, high temperature (fever), coughing, headache, tiredness, chills, a general sense of feeling unwell (malaise), white pus -filled spots on the tonsils (tonsilloliths), swollen lymph nodes in the neck, pain in the ears or neck. Enlarged and recurrent tonsils may lead to voice changes and bad breath.

HOMOEOPTHIC REMEDIES FOR ENLARGED AND RECURRENT TONSILS INFECTION: As already mentioned tonsils are the integral part of immune system, their removal is not a solution , it will rather make you more prone to infections. There are certain wonderful medicines like baryta carb, belladonna, mercurius and tuberculinumwhich helped me a lot in treating most of the obstinate cases of enlarged and recurrent tonsil infection. Amongst these baryta carb hold a strong position in treating those kids who suffer from tonsillitis with every spell of throat infection or viral infection. It helped me in treating most of the cases of chronic and recurrent tonsillitis. It is indicated for those kids who have tendency towards enlarged tonsils. While belladonna acts well when the tonsils are red hot inflamed and child suffers from high fever. Mercurius is indicated when there is suppuration of tonsils and there is bad breath. When all these fail my last weapon to treat tonsillitis is tuberculinum. It is mainly indicated when there is history of frequent cold and cough. Child suffers from sore throat and enlarged tonsils.

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