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Allergic rhinitis is defined as an allergic response causing itchy, watery eyes, sneezing and other similar symptoms. It is also known as hay fever. It occurs when immune system over reacts to allergens present in air. It may occur seasonally or it may occur year – round (perennial). Hay fever is caused due to allergy to pollens. Plants that cause hay fever are trees, grasses, and weeds. Their pollens are carried by the wind. Hot, dry, windy days are more likely to have more pollen in the air. Hay fever and allergies often run in families i.e. if your parents have allergies, than there are more chances that you are also going to develop such allergies.

Risk factors that triggers allergic rhinitis or hay fever include grass, pollen, dust mites, cockroaches, cigarette smoke, and perfume. Sneezing , stuffy nose, watery eyes, and a sore, scratchy throat are few more common symptoms that a person suffering from hay fever can develop. Other symptoms may include fatigue, itchy eyes nose, mouth and skin.


Arsenic alb is best medicine for allergic rhinitis with intense thirst. There is burning in eyes and nose . nasal discharge causes burning of skin.  While natrum sulph shows excel;lent results when hay fever or allergic rhinitis starts with sneezing. There is dryness of  mouth and mucous membranes of nose. Nasal discharge is thin and white like white of an egg.

Allium cepa is indicated when there is allergic rhinitis with nasal as well as eye discharge. There is acrid nasal discharge causing excoriation of skin while bland eye lacrymation. While merc sol works well when there is sneezing and watery nasal discharge along with excessive sweating. Allergic rhinitis get worse in damp wet weather. And also there is increased salivation. However arundo is indicated when there is intense itching and burning in palate, nose and eyes.

Sabadilla is indicated when patient is very sensitive to cold and least exposure can cause sneezing and watery nasal discharge . while aralea is indicated for nasal allergies along with breathing problem. However, I have also treated allergic rhinitis or hay fever with galphima glauca and histaminum on the basis of similarity of symptoms.



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