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It is one of the most common cause of dementia which means memory loss and difficulty in thinking. Alzheimer’s is a progressive disease which destroys memory and other mental functions like thinking, reasoning, language etc. it develops, gradually, over time, more and more parts of brain get damage resulting in severity of symptoms. Brain cell connections and the cells themselves degenerate and die, eventually destroying memory and other important mental functions. It’s late onset may be caused due to defective apolipoprotein E. It’s symptoms may get worse with time and may interfere with daily life.

The most common symptom is memory loss, forgetfulness and confussion. Patient may experience difficulty in recalling the recent events and also in learning new things. Patient forgets the names, places, events and forgets after keeping things. There may be difficulty in thinking, reasoning, perception, and communication. There is confusion of mind, difficulty in concentration and planning things, difficulty in language, there may be visuo-spatial problems. However in advance stages, there is delusions, hallucinations, restlessness etc.

If you forget after keeping keys and forget the names of well known places or family member names, than it is a matter of concern and you should consult your physician as it may be an alarming sign.

HOMEOPATHIC TREATMENT for Alzheimer’s disease is safe and natural. We aim at improving the quality of life and to slow down the further progression of disease. Homeopathic medicines helps in treating patient as a whole, it helps to overcome the emotional and mental stress that a patient suffering from this disease can face. However, holistic approach towards patient will help in treating a patient by arriving at the most similar and suitable remedy to the particular individual. However, i found several medicines associated with this disease on the basis of symptoms.

Medorrhinum rank top when there is marked forgetfulness for names of family member and well known places. There is difficulty in language, patient forgets in between the conversation and question has to be repeated. While cannabis indica is best suited for short term memory loss. There is sudden loss of ideas, or speech. Patient forgets in the middle of the conversation; he forgets what he has to do or what he has just done. Lac canninum is best suited to those who forgets words while writing, they commit spelling mistakes. Nux mos is best suited when there is drowsiness and absent mindedness. Patient forgets what he is reading or writing, forgets things in the midst of task. Anacardium is best suited to those patients who show voilent anger with marked forgetfulness. Ignitia is indicated for extreme sensitiveness developed due to grief and disappointment from loved ones due to disease.

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