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Gout is a kind of arthritis characterized by recurrent attacks of acute inflammatory arthritis—a red, tender, hot, swollen joint. The most commonly affected joint is metatarsophalangeal joint at the base of the big toe.

CAUSE: elevated levels of uric acid in the blood. The uric acid crystallizes, and the crystals deposit in joints, tendons, and surrounding tissues.

SYMPTOMS: sudden burning pain, stiffness, and swelling in a joint, usually a big toe. It is more common in men as compare to women. Clinical diagnosis may be confirmed by seeing the characteristic crystals in joint fluid.

Risk factors are overweight, drink too much alcohol, or eat too much meat and fish that are high in chemicals called purines. The most common sign of gout is a night time attack of swelling, tenderness, redness, and sharp pain in your big toe . Gout attacks can also occurs in your foot, ankle, or knees, or other joints. The attacks can last a few days or many weeks before the pain goes away. Another attack may not happen for months or years.


Lifestyle changes and dietary precautions can decrease uric acid levels. Reducing intake of food such as meat and seafood, consuming adequate vit. C, limiting alcohol and fructose consumption, and avoiding obesity , all these will help in reducing the risk of developing gout. A low calorie diet in obese men decreased uric acid levels by 100 µmol/l (1.7 mg/dl). Vitamin C intake of 1,500 mg per day decreases the risk of gout by 45%.Coffee, consumption is associated with a lower risk of gout. Gout may be secondary to sleep apnea via the release of purines from oxygen- starved cells. Treatment of apnea can lessen the occurrence of attacks.of purines from oxygen-starved cells.


Benzoic acid is indicated when pain suddenly change its location. Joints crack on motion. Elevated uric acid leves with painful gouty nodes. There is bunion of great toe with tearing painin great toe. There is difficulty in walking and moving the limb. However, uric acid crystals may deposit in kidneys or urinary tract leading to kidney stones. Urine colour may change from brown to pale yellow.

Ledum pal is indicated when gouty pains shoot all through the foot and limb and in joints especially the small joints, there is gouty nodosities are found. The ball of great toe is swollen. Pains travel from below upwards. Foot and Ankles are swollen and soles are painful that patient can hardly step on them. Cold application relieves the pain.

Colchicum  is indicated when there is stiffness of foot joints and pains are worse at night. There is raised serum uric acid levels. Inflammation of great toe and gout in heel is so severe that patient cannot bear to have it touched or move. Swelling of hands and feet.

Lithium carb is indicated when there is elevated uric acid levels leading to marked stiffness all over the body with itching of the skin of affected joint. Patient feels better by keeping foot in hot water.

Lycopodium is indicated in chronic gout cases with chalky deposits in joints with profuse sweat on the feet. Cramps in calves and toes at night in bed.

Berberis vulgaris is indicated when there is sudden twinges of pain and pains get worse from motion. Pain radiates out from the affected joint. While urtica urens helps in elimination of raised uric acid levels from the body. And it mainly affects shoulders wrists and ankles. Joint pains are associated with hive like eruptions.


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