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  • What is Endometriosis ? It is the abnormal growth of endometrial cells outside the uterine cavity similar to those that form the endometrium or inner lining the of the uterus . Endometrial cells are cells that are shed each month duringmenstruation or periods or monthly cycle. The endometrial cells attach themselves to tissue outside the uterus and are called endometriosis implants which are most commonly found on the ovaries, the Fallopian tubes, outer surfaces of the uterus or intestines, and on the surface lining of the pelvic cavity. Other less common pelvic locations where it can be found are vagina, cervix, and bladder. Endometrial implants, while they can cause problems, are benign (not cancerous). Endometrial cells in areas outside the uterus are also influenced by hormonal changes and respond in a way that is similar to the cells found inside the uterus. Symptoms of endometriosis are pain and infertility. The pain often is worse with the monthly cycle and is the most common cause of secondary dysmenorrhoea (painful menses). Pelvic pain during menstruation or ovulation can be a symptom of endometriosis, but may also occur in normal women. Endometriosis can be suspected based on the woman’s pattern of symptoms, and sometimes during a physical examination, but the definite diagnosis is confirmed by surgery, usually laparoscopy. The exact cause of endometriosis has not been identified. However , it is more common in infertile women than in fertile women, but the condition does not fully prevent conception. The most characteristic symptoms of endometriosis are explained by 3 D’s.
  • Dysmennorhea– painful menses; pain may get worse over time, also lower back pains linked to the pelvis.
  • dyspareunia– painful sex
  • dysuria– painful urination
  • chronic pelvic pain– typically accompanied by lower back pain or abdominal pain.

I have treated certain females suffering from endometriosis and those who can’t able to conceive with the help of wonderful homoeopathic medicines like carcinocin, nux vomica, ammonium mur, lachesis, arsenic, conium, thuja, ustilago, Sabina, sepia based on the similarity of symptoms. However , there are few other medicines like aur-mur, calcarea, carb- ac , cimicifuga, helonias, hydrastis, iodum,kali ars,mag mur, med, puls have shown very good results if indicated homoeopathically. But again i will say don’t take it without consulting your physician as the base of homoeopathic priscription is similarity of symptoms without which one cannot arrive at the best selected remedy.

I cannot overhere mark any specific remedy for endometriosis as precise case taking is essential for prescription and there should be holistic approach which in turn helps in bringing health to the patient.


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