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It is also called as myalgic encephalomyelitis or systemic exertion intolerance disease (SEID). It is a complicated and debilitating disorder characterized by profound fatigue, sleep abnormalities, pain and other symptoms that are made worse by exertion and can’t be explained by an underlying medical condition. It occurs more commonly in women. The cause of this condition is unknown, but may include environmental or genetic factors.

RISK FACTORS: it is more common in 40s and 50s. Genetic predisposition, allergies, stress, and environmental factors may also increase your risk. Women are at higher risk as compare to men.

SYMPTOMS: 1. Fatigue for more than 6 months is one of the main symptoms of chronic fatigue syndrome. The fatigue often worsens with activity, but doesn’t improve with rest. Extreme exhaustion that last for 24 hours or more than that after a physical or mental exertion.

  1. memory loss or loss of concentration.
  2. sore throat or frequent cough n cold. Enlarged lymph nodes in neck and armpit.
  3. pain in muscles and joints; bodyaches.
  4. headache
  5. unrefreshing sleep.

HOMEOPATHIC TREATMENT: There are wonderful homeopathic remedies for chronic fatigue syndrome which can help a person get rid of this disease. Homeopathic medicines stimulate the immune system and boost the energy levels of the patient, and hence, reduces the easy and chronic fatigue.

Gelsemium is one of the best remedy when there is marked dullness, dizziness and drowsiness. There is aching pains in muscles with weakness. There is heavy headedness with dim vision.

Kali phos is one of the best remedies for anxiety, insomnia, depression with nightmares. There is muscular weakness due to physical exertion. Weak memory or memory loss. There is great prostration and mental stress.

Phosphoric acid works well when there is nervous debility. There is debility due to continued or prolonged grief, overexertion of mind, sexual excesses or nervous strain.

Picric acid works well when there is brain fag of businessmen. Thereis depression and mental inactivity with desire to lie down and rest. There is prolonged headache wchich may be frontal or occipital.

Cocculus works well when there is debility or weakness due to loss of sleep. Loss of sleep causes lost and anguid feeling.

Sarcolacticum acidum works well when patient feels fatigue in the morning itself. There is utmost feeling of tiredness in the morning.

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