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Are you suffering from non-reasonable weight loss? Do you easily get fatigue or do you feel persistent weakness? Are you feeling that your appetite is getting low? Are you having your blood counts low? Be cautious! Go to your physician and get yourself examined. You might be at a risk. As these are the common symptoms of cancer and we generally neglect these symptoms. But my experience says most of the cancer patients are diagnosed at the late stages as it is the natural human tendency that we don’t go to a doctor unless it is a big thing and this delay in visit may give time for initial stages of cancer to grow to the later stages; and then patients visit us for treatment.
What is cancer? It is abnormal proliferation/multiplication/growth of cells. These abnormal cells are termed as cancer cells, malignant cells, or tumour cells. Tumours are always benign growths (don’t spread). But cancer is malignant i.e; a tumour that can spread to other body parts.
A primary tumour is the name for where a cancer starts. Cancer can sometimes spread to other parts of the body – this is called a secondary tumour or a metastasis. Cancer and its modern treatments like chemotherapy and radiations can affect body systems, such as the blood circulation, lymphatic and immune systems, and the hormone system.
These days number of patients suffering from cancer has shoot up so rapidly and probably the most important factors behind that is faulty lifestyle, unhealthy diet and more use of artificial and synthetic products in lieu of the natural one.
Homoeopathy works on the principle of vital force. A well selected homoeopathic remedy stimulates the vital force of the affected patient. It boosts the immune system. It stimulates the B-CELLS, T-CELLS (healthy cells) to fight against the cancer cells and also it stops the further abnormal growth. As it boost the normal healthy cells to control the growth of abnormal cells; therefore it is completely SAFE AND SIDE-AFFECTS FREE and also it prevents cancer and its reoccurrence. The early stage of this dreadful disease, however, is curable with proper Homeopathic medicines that can provide holistic treatment for cancer. In later stages, where cure cannot be expected, these medicines helps in maintaining the quality of life and increase longevity. Homoeopathic medicines if taken along with the chemotherapy or radiotherapy, it helps in reduction or elimination of side effects that are normally brought by such treatment.
Homoeopathic medicines like carcinocin, conium, hydrastis, kreosote, baryta carb, thalaspi, fragaria are some of the commonly indicated remedies if the symptoms agree and taken under the able guidance of your physician.

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